Heavy Duty CoolShims®

Heavy Duty CoolShims® conduct the heat from within the brake caliper to an externally located heatsink in the airflow. They include a folded fin heat-sink that is brazed to the CoolShim® alloy. The folded fin heatsink not only increases the surface area for heat transfer, but also increases the thermal capacity of the cooler. The Heavy Duty CoolShims® are best for high performance applications with room for the large heatsink.

Light Duty CoolShims®

Our Light Duty CoolShims® also conduct the heat from within the brake caliper to an external series of copper "fingers." These fingers not only increase the surface area of the cooler, but, unlike the heatsinks on the heavy duty CoolShims® they can be bent into specific locations and can fit inside a smaller wheel. Lacking a brazed heatsink, the are also more cost effective.


ThermalStops, are titanium heat shields that snap onto the caliper piston and decrease the heat transfer into the caliper piston and brake fluid. Unlike competing products, they do not cover the entirety of the brake pad backing plate and therefore allow some pad cooling to occur.